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21/12/2013 · When I quickly tried every sniper slightly, I have have been mostly using SRR-61 since it just feels so solid to shoot with it. Oh and I consider myself as "aggressive recon", I keep moving all the time.

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Battlefield 4, what is the best sniper in the game in your ... In Battlefield 4 should SR338 sniper rifle get a stat increase in your opinion, why or why not? What is the best Battlefield 4 expansion pack? What's the most reliable sniper to use in Battlefield 4 and why? Best Battlefield 4 Sniper – News VIP Site Battlefield 4, What Is The Best Sniper In The Game In Your. Hi. For me there are two rifles i use most. For long shots (400m and above) i use SRR-61- it has the least of bullet drop and the drop-path is pretty predictable. Mostly just to engage 'em camping snipers on top of the hill far- far away or other Battlefield V: What the Best Sniper Rifle Is -

I don’t tend to play the Recon (sniper) class in Battlefield 4 very much. That my friends, has changed. I’ve decided to almost focus 100% on sniping for the next little while because for one thing, it’s a great challenge for me and I’ve quickly learned it’s really satisfying landing those shots. One thing I […]

Best Battlefield 4 Sniper Rifle - BF4 Guide - TechiePortal Best Battlefield 4 Sniper Rifle The recon class excels at ranged combat and at long ranges there are quite a few good tools for sniping. The JNG-90, M98B and SRR-61 offer solid choices for snipers who choose to play from vantage points on the large maps. Sniper Rifles - Battlefield 4 Wiki Guide - IGN Sniper Rifles are one of eight firearm categories in Battlefield 4. All the weapons in the game are from the three factions (USA, Russia, China), but any can be chosen despite the side you're ... Battlefield 4 - EA Official Website Battlefield 4™ features an intense and character-driven single player campaign, fused with the strongest elements of multiplayer. Pilot vehicles, take advantage of the dynamic destructible environments and don't let your squad down. Battlefield 1: Best Sniper Class rifle - RealSport

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For Battlefield 4 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "What is The Best Sniper Rifle in the Game?". Sniper Rifles | Weapons - Battlefield 4 Game Guide ... Sniper Rifles | Weapons Battlefield 4 Guide. 0. ... The operation and function of sniper rifles is rather obvious: they are used for the elimination of enemies without putting yourself in harm's way - until the enemy discovers the sniper's position, at least. ... which is why it is best for aggressive scouts who prefer using the rifle over ... The Best Battlefield 4 Loadouts and Strategies Always use either when you see the need for it; it's the best way to earn more points as you run around on the battlefield. Recon. Primary: SRR-61 w/Ballistic [40x] for long-range combat or JGM-4 [4x] for standard sniping, Range Finder, Suppressor for stealthy play or Flash Hider for aggressive play, and Bipod Battlefield 4: Top Sniping Tips from One Noob to Another ...

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Battlefield 4 Sniper Rifle Battle Pick Up Tips | Video Strategy ... 27 Nov 2013 ... Battlefield 4 Sniper Rifle Battle Pick Up Tips ... chest area on the enemy to have a wider range to aim at and better chance of hitting your enemy. Buy Battlefield 4™ Recon Shortcut Kit - Microsoft Store 25 Mar 2014 ... The Recon Class Shortcut Kit contains all base game progression upgrades and specializations, and Sniper Rifles. Does not include any ... Bf1 arisaka